Just High Enough

It’s hard out there…
I know this white guy who talks like a black guy
I know this jazz lady who used to be a jazz dude!
Mr. Nicole they called him
Badass…blowin’ baritone sax like a hurricane…or hisicane…
After all, this is America.
Home of the free, land of the brave.
Tell me what’s more free or brave than wearing lady clothes
When you’re a man?
Not much.
It takes more bravery to do that
Than to hate someone for how they look.
So let me buy you a drink at my bar…
Which I have set
Just high enough to let everyone in.



Don’t know who made this picture…it rules though. Old school GI Joe rules.

Telling Stories To The Wall Released on May 20th


The new EP from ALT Telling Stories To The Wall will be officially released on May 20th. Physical copies are still available only at shows so don’t miss ALT on tour!

1. Madonna’s From Amerika

2. Living Proof

3. Not Punk

4. American Tan

ALT Live in Portland with Interview for That Much Further West

ALT DogClick HERE to listen to ALT’s set opening for The Mastersons in Portland OR at Mississippi Studios as well as an interview with Phil Favorite post show where Phil and ALT discuss ALT’s new album, M. Lockwood Porter and other stuff with a lot of buzz.

ALT Talks to Pancakes and Whiskey

Photo by Carlton Freeman

Photo by Carlton Freeman

Before his NYC gig last week at Subculture, ALT sat down to have a chat with Pancakes and Whiskey.

“My thing isn’t a fashion or movie star thing, I’m writing songs for people that are thinking and wondering how their life is going to work out and shit like that,”-ALT.

To read it all and see pictures from the show click HERE

Telling Stories To The Wall EP & Behind The Glass

Telling Stories:CRBRight before this current tour, I snuck into East Side Manor Recording Studios with Gabe Masterson and made an acoustic EP called Telling Stories To The Wall. Pick up a handmade copy at any of the upcoming shows. Each copy also includes my debut EP Crooked River Burning. Here’s the track list for Telling Stories To The Wall:

1. Madonna’s From Amerika

2. Living Proof

3. Please Forgive Me, Ohio

4. Not Punk

5. Streets Of Galilee

Also I recently filmed and recorded some songs at Electric Lady Studios for a new Lambkini segment called “Behind The Glass.” Check out this video of Drugs And Junk Food and stay tuned for more songs to be released in the coming days.



Interview with Waxoholics

I just did an interview with Waxoholics…we covered all my favorite stuff like albums and songs and Kevn Kinney and JP Olsen. `Thanks to Dead Weather Denver for some great questions.  Click HERE to read all about it.

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