Management Ken Green & Todd Shelton for Frame313 Management. 404-309-3057. 704-654-7453.


Label Rockwood Music Hall Recordings New York, NY.



Official Facebook (it’s me! it’s really me!)

Twitter (if you want the short version of all this crap.) (my best friends in the whole world.) (loud, rock’n’roll, feedback. what would Crazy Horse do? is our slogan. I sing, write the songs and play guitar.) (ornate yet chaotic, the gorgeous songs of Mr. Chris Morrissey. I’ve played with them from time to time.) (lead singer in BP Fallon & The Bandits in which I write songs and play guitar…he is my dear friend and musical collaborator.) (my favorite photographer and a real life badass.) (a way with the needle & thread and a staunch supporter of rock’n’roll.) (they helped me get my start in music. they taught me so much.  they make awesome clothes.) (Kevn Kinney is my Johnny Ramone.  He’s my hero.) (nobody can do what this man does alone on a stage.  he’s a great friend and infinitely inspiring. half of what i do came from watching this guy play gigs. the other half came from Kevn.) (Kieran Kelly’s studio in Astoria, NY.  Kieran is an incredible engineer and producer. Go make a record with him.) (if you don’t like Todd Snider’s songs, you’d better prepare for a life time of disappointments.) (I was lucky enough to play with these fine fellows.) (they are the best band of all the bands.) (so good it’s scary. when they sing, i want to give them my underwear.) (I play guitar for these groovy cats sometimes..they’re nothing but gentlemen and quite talented.)

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