Photo by Curtis Wayne Millard. All Rights Reserved 2014.

Photo by Curtis Wayne Millard. All Rights Reserved 2014.

Photo by BP Fallon 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Curtis Wayne Millard 2011. All Rights Reserved.

“folk-based rock ‘n’ roll music with a keen ear and biting tongue…pensive lyrics and (a) direct voice that manages to blend a sense of intimate warmth with a weathered edge, formed from eyes blackened by long nights and broken hearts…”-American Songwriter

“…an extraordinarily engaging solo performer,”-Guitar World

“An Aaron Lee Tasjan song has a kind of laid back anger, a cutting insight and a wicked solo guitar style that sounds like many different instruments, even in the same song,”-KDHX Radio St. Louis, MO

“the new kid on the block, Aaron Lee Tasjan…he’s like Jeff Beck, he’s that talented,” Sylvain Sylvain legendary guitarist of The New York Dolls

“Combining the essential aspects of the best Bob Dylan songs with the electric performance of Jack White…”

“…consistently amazed by the quality of his bluesy guitar playing, his lyricism, and songs that could turn on you unexpectedly…”

“Who knew an acoustic guitar and a fuzz pedal could bring such madness?” Pancakes and Whiskey

Kevn Kinney writes about ALT on Magnet

“With a golden voice, natural and musical lyrical gifts…Tasjan is a songwriter who demands -and deserves attention.”

“Tasjan has a way of writing us back into moments and years that we’re no longer a part of. He sets us back in the 1980s when John Cougar, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty were writing and releasing their seminal recordings about the lives of Americans, about all-American virtues and the girls that they wanted to make their own, to be the wives that they’d have all-American children with.” Madison Square Gardeners review on Daytrotter!/concert/madison-square-gardeners/20054498-111926

A natural…with seemingly limitless talent,” No Depression

“ALT is a master at putting the written word to music…it amazes me as to why he has not become a house hold name,” ALT on

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