The Bandits…legally speaking…

bp-bandits-coverDuring much of 2012, a band of which I’m a proud member, BP Fallon & The Bandits, have been hard at work on our debut album, Still Legal.  The band consists of BP, myself, Nigel Harrison and Clem Burke.  On the record we’re joined by the great Ian Mclagan as well as my dear friend Brendon Anthony on fiddle and mandolin.  I played guitar, co-produced and co-wrote all the songs with my fellow band mates and we had an excellent time recording them down in Austin, Texas at the great Red Horse Ranch Studios owned by a true rock’n’roller in his own right, Jimmy Quill.  The album will be out soon in many different formats including vinyl, digital and CD.  You can pre-order it now by going to pledge music and also get lot’s of other groovy things that BP has curated for you to peruse.  A pre-order of the record will also get you an unmastered mix of the song “Does Anyone Care What Anyone Says In Rock’n’Roll?”  Just click here.

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